HQ Trivia to give away millions during NBA finals

HQ Trivia to give away millions during NBA finals

HQ Trivia, the hugely popular smartphone quiz game, plans to give away millions of dollars in prizes during the upcoming NBA finals.

The finals kick off tomorrow, and will see the Golden State Warriors pitted against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Those unfamiliar with basketball may be a little bit unfamiliar with how basketball finals work.

Unlike soccer and rugby, where a team has to win just one game, in Basketball, teams play several games. To be ultimately crowned victor, a team must win four games.

While it’s possible that a team can win four games in a row, it’s far more likely that the series will drag on for six or even seven games.

HQ Trivia plans to run quizzes for each game. The first quiz will have a prize pot of $100,000. As the series progresses, the pot increases by $100,000.

This means that if the Warrors and Cavaliers ultimately end up playing seven games, HQ will be on the hook for $700,000 — which is roughly double the biggest prize pot it’s ever offered.

As you might expect, the questions in the game will largely be themed around sports trivia. Players can be expected to be tested on basketball factoids, the players’ home towns, and more general sporting questions.

HQ is throwing down some serious dough for the NBA finals, which suggests a broader move into sports.

That’s not a bad idea. Sports fans are immensely passionate, and brands are eager to cater to them, as seen by the vast amount of money thrown into half-time advertising.

Plus, some games (and indeed, sports teams) have a more universal appeal, and would help HQ Trivia realize its goal of global expansion. I’d imagine a game about Liverpool FC or Manchester United would be played by millions of people.

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