This handy app turns your LinkedIn profile into a gorgeous CV

This handy app turns your LinkedIn profile into a gorgeous CV
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While most websites let you apply for jobs straight with your LinkedIn profile, it doesn’t hurt to keep a polished CV around in case you need to submit one for the vacancies you’re eyeing. But building up a sleek resume could be a hassle, especially if you struggle with designing stuff.

Available for free, Ceev is a nifty extension for Chrome that lets you effortlessly convert your LinkedIn profile into a printable resume. Once installed, all you need to do is pick one from the available templates and color schemes – and the tool will do the rest for you.

Currently Ceev has four templates to choose from, but there are other things you can adjust – including the accent color, the font style, as well as the page size.

Testing out the extension, I noticed that while it does work fairly well most of the times – it would sometimes miss printing out some of the relevant information. Fortunately, the app has a dedicated edit feature which lets you tweak the content of your resume before saving it as a PDF.

In case you were wondering, here is how Ceev works:

In all fairness, LinkedIn does have its own feature to download CVs, but it appears it is currently broken – for some reason the tool returns an error anytime we attempt saving our profile as a PDF.

Here is what happens when we tried using it:

Ceev might not be as impressive as turning your CV into a Super Mario knock-off game or loading up your resume as an actual operating system, but it will surely help you stand out in a sea of terribly overused templates. In any case, you should try it out if your current CV isn’t landing you the positions you want – you might be surprised.

Those interested in revamping their CV can download the Ceev extension from the Chrome web store here.

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