Mozilla’s ultra-private mobile browser just got a big update

Mozilla’s ultra-private mobile browser just got a big update

Mozilla has released Firefox Focus 4.0. The newest version of Mozilla’s privacy-focused mobile browser comes with several enhancements, including a fully customizable autocomplete that lets you create shortcuts to individual websites, and the ability to add alternative search engines.

The biggest change is found in the browser’s autocomplete feature, which lets you add specific domain names. These are sites you visit on a regular basis, and will save you a fair bit of typing.

Focus now lets you add alternative search engines. Mozilla gives the example of Rotten Tomatoes. Adding this to Firefox Focus as a search engine would allow you to see the ranking of a particular film, without actually having to go to the Rotten Tomatoes homepage.

Mozilla launched Firefox Focus in November, 2016. The goal behind it was to be an ultra-fast and privacy-focused version of the already-popular open source browser. By default, Focus blocks adverts and behavioral trackers. This puts it in the same stable as the likes of Ghostery’s Private Browser.

The latest version of Firefox Focus is available today, on both Android and iOS.

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