Instagram now lets you follow hashtags instead of people

Instagram now lets you follow hashtags instead of people

As anticipated, Instagram now lets you follow specific hashtags in addition to individual accounts. The company started testing the feature about a month ago, but is now rolling it out to everyone.

It’s a handy addition; following a hashtag could be a good way to regularly discover new users who post about content you care about. Conversely, it’s useful for when you want to see more of a certain topic, but don’t want to deal with everything else individual users post.

To access the feature, just search for or tap on a hashtag you’re interested in, and select “follow” – just like following an individual account. The company says it will only shows “top posts” from a hashtag too, so you don’t have to worry about your feed being overwhelmed.

As for privacy, Instagram says it follows the same rules as regular accounts; the hashtags you follow will only be visible to your followers if your account is set to private.  So no worries if you don’t want everyone to know you need a daily dose of #cutehudgehogs or something.

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