Google Assistant can now locate a handyman near you

Google Assistant can now locate a handyman near you

Google is adding a handy feature to Assistant, so it can now find local services like plumbing or electrical repairs near you, provided you’re in the US.

That’s handy for people who already use the voice-activated service on their phones or Google Home smart speakers. To use it, say “Ok Google, find me a plumber,” and it’ll ask you a couple of questions to track down the right sort of service in your area.

The company has partnered with home improvement aggregators HomeAdvisor and Porch to prescreen all service providers that Assistant surfaces.

Interestingly, Google’s taken a different approach in India, where it launched Areo, an aggregation app that brings together food delivery, beauty, home maintenance, household repairs, fitness training and physiotherapy, and other services, while also allowing you to pay for them from your phone.

The new feature will roll out across the US in the coming week; in case services aren’t available in your city, Assistant will recommend other options nearby.

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