Vine creator wants to bring our favorite app back from the dead

After Vine was unceremoniously ripped from our hands earlier this year, the internet has since become a black hole. I’m not saying these things are related, but after killing Vine:

  • Trump was sworn in as the 45th President
  • “The Emoji Movie” came out
  • Fidget spinners became a thing — and then not a thing
  • Taylor Swift released “Look What You Made Me Do”
  • And California caught on fire

Again, I’m not saying they’re related, but they probably are.

Today though, we get a glimmer of hope. Vine’s founder Dom Hoffman took to Twitter and detailed his desire to work on a follow-up to the popular app known for creative six second looping videos.

Hoffman intends to fund the endeavor himself, at least at first, and work on it as a sort of side project. He cites user demand in the form of tweets and messages as the motivation behind the move.

This is all we know currently, but anyone who offers to bring back Vine is a hero in our book.

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