Uber adds early booking feature, better location sharing

Uber adds early booking feature, better location sharing
Credit: Uber

Uber recently added a live location sharing button to its app, meaning its finally possible to show your driver exactly where you are so they know where to pick you up. TechCrunch reports its an optional feature.

According to an Uber spokesperson, the company saw a decrease in riders cancelling pick-ups during the testing phase.

Another update, added last week, is an upfront pricing structure that lets you lock in the price for a ride if you book well in advance. This way, you can get a reasonable price ahead of any potential surges or traffic jams that might result in you paying more — say you’re at a concert or event and you anticipate a huge rush when everyone leaves together.

A downside of the above is that you need to book your ride at least an hour in advance in order to take advantage of the feature. It’s also not new: Lyft has had the same feature for almost a year.

Both updates are apparently intended to make travel easier during the busy holiday season, though I can’t say I’d object to having either of them during the more mundane days as well.

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