Vine’s creators built a live trivia app that actually pays you

Vine’s creators built a live trivia app that actually pays you

HQ Trivia, a new app from the creators of Vine, is recreating the appeal of game shows for iPhone users.

The app debuted a few months ago, but has been gaining in popularity since then. The show goes live at 3pm and 9pm ET on weekdays. Host Scott Rogowsky asks a series of trivia questions, and players choose their answer, while chatting live. Players who get answers right can win cash prizes, and collect via PayPal.

Apparently you have to start the app on time to be able to see the show — no showing up late. This might be the one thing that puts it at a disadvantage over TV. When you’re late to a TV show, you can still get the gist of it. Still, if the reaction of players online is anything to go by, it’s got an addictive appeal.

It’s no coincidence the app resembles a traditional game show in some ways. Rus Yusupov, formerly of Vine and one of HQ’s creators, told TechCrunch, “We all grew up watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. That’s our basis for this kind of stuff.”

The thrill of TV game shows is 1) they’re only on at a certain time, and 2) they allow just about anyone to compete for a prize. HQ is one of the first apps to successfully bring that appeal to phones, and I can see several other apps copying this in future. Maybe we can bring back the fun of old shows like Password or Hollywood Squares in app form.

HQ Trivia is currently available only on iOS.

Vine’s founders are back with HQ, a live trivia game show app on TechCrunch

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