Instagram polls aren’t anonymous — and that’s a good thing

Instagram polls aren’t anonymous — and that’s a good thing

Instagram recently introduced a new poll feature, which allows users to put a vote button on their Story. Their followers can vote on the poll — and several people apparently thought the votes were anonymous.

The bad news? They aren’t. Instagram sends the user a notification every time someone votes, and you can see who’s voted for what.

I presume everyone thought that it’d be anonymous because Twitter’s polls have spoiled us. But Instagram takes after big brother Facebook in this regard. It really shouldn’t be a surprise the site that encourages the sharing and commodification of thoughts and feelings wouldn’t truly keep your thoughts and feelings private.

Several people panicked on social media when they realized the polls weren’t anonymous. And it’s very telling that they’re panicking not over any breach of privacy, but because they voted in a way that is blunt or rude.

And some appreciate the transparency (everyone loves to know who their enemies are):

Obviously, the cat’s out of the bag now — when I went on Instagram this morning, a friend’s Story informed me that he could see how I voted in his poll. So we may never get the same candidness again, but considering there’s no immediate consequences, I think people will still be more forthright than they would be otherwise.

If it means that people get to reveal their true colors, I’m all for Instagram polls remaining public.

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