Slack is down for many users around the globe [Update: It’s back]

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Relax, your colleagues aren’t going to think you’re slacking: Slack is down for many users around the globe.

It remains unclear what is causing the issue, but a slew of users are taking to Twitter to report experiencing difficulties connecting to the team messaging service.

Down Detector is seeing a gradual increase of reports, but chances are it will soon ring the alarm. The heat map suggests the issue is mostly widespread in the East and West coast of the US as well as central Europe.

Meanwhile, Slack has confirmed experiencing downtime on both its official status page and Twitter. They are yet to clarify what is causing the issue though.

Several TNW staffers are also currently struggling to connect to Slack. This is unfortunate, because it likely means they’re getting fired. It was a pleasure working with you.

We’ll keep updating this piece should we find out what might be causing the outage.

In the meantime, figure out a way to make it seem like you’re working – like you do when Slack is actually up.

Update: It has begun. Outage Report has received a massive spike in reports claiming the popular messaging service is down.

Update 2: Slack appears to have found the culprit, blaming it on a small “connectivity blip.” Its support team says the service is back, but users continue to experience intermittent issues.

Update 3: Slack has resolved the issue, according to its status page. Back to work!

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