Spotify finally lands in the iMessage App Store

Spotify finally lands in the iMessage App Store

It’s about time. Spotify has quietly launched an app for iMessage, allowing you to easily share tracks with friends, without having to leave the chat, or deal with copying-and-pasting links.

To enable it, open iMessage, head to the app store, and then press ‘Manage.’ Finally, tap the switch next to the Spotify icon to enable it. Spotify will then show up in your installed apps.

Note: if you’ve configured iMessage to automatically add apps to the drawer, you can skip this.

Functionality wise, it’s pretty limited, as you’d expect from an iMessage App. It won’t share what you’re listening to, or let you easily access your most recent tracks. Rather, it lets you share 30-second snippets of individual songs from Spotify’s massive collection of music.

If your friend wants to listen to the rest of the track, they can click a link that lets them open the song within the main Spotify app. If they aren’t a subscriber, they’re prompted to download it, which seems like a pretty genius growth hacking strategy if you ask me.

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