Facebook stole Instagram Stories because nobody uses theirs

Facebook stole Instagram Stories because nobody uses theirs

Rumor has it Facebook and Instagram might soon offer users the option to cross-post their Stories to each app. In other words, when you make a Story post in Instagram, you’ll have the option of posting it to your Facebook Story as well. I’ve yet to see evidence of it working in reverse.

The feature was originally noticed by our own Matt Navarra:

An Instagram spokesperson confirmed the test to us, saying:

We are always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and make it easier to share any moment with the people who matter to you. We have no other plans to share at this time.

Frankly, I think we should have supposed this would happen when the Stories feature showed up on Facebook and looked so eerily similar to Instagram’s Stories. It seems only natural they’d cross over, though I do wonder if the effects and filters will remain the same across both apps.

If nothing else, it might at least make the greyed-out circles at the top of my News Feed look less sad. I’ve been checking every day, and with the exception of a small surge of interest in the Game of Thrones Night King filter around the season 7 finale, I haven’t seen a single person use it.

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