Tesla calculator estimates the exact monthly costs of owning a Model 3

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There are many reasons to opt for a Tesla, but one of the most compelling ones is the opportunity to get a premium vehicle at a reasonable price – this is the allure of the flashy new Model 3. But what exactly are the monthly costs of owning one and does it pay off long-term? That’s what this calculator can help you figure out.

Ben Sullins, who runs a YouTube channel and an online community dedicated to everything Tesla, has developed yet another handy estimation tool for the Model 3. In addition to a configuration price quote, the calculator also takes into account your personal loan plan, insurance rates and driving habits.

This means you can fairly accurately asses what your overall monthly costs for the Model 3 will be – including your expenses for using Tesla’s supercharger network.

To offer such estimates, the calculator takes into account the efficiency and range capabilities of Model 3, as well as your personal driving and commuting habits.

Sullins has explained this in more detail in his latest YouTube video:

What is particularly nifty about the calculator is that it will automatically detect your location and adjust the currency as well as supercharger fees to your local rates.

Be warned that the auto-population feature only works in countries where Sullins was able to scrape this data. “If you’re in the US, these will auto populate,” Sullins says, but “if you’re outside the US, you’ll want to update these to match your location.”

You can access the monthly cost estimator tool here.

Those interested in buying a Tesla Model 3 can also check out Sullins’ previous projects, including this delivery date estimation tool and this configuration price estimator.

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