YouTube Live updates add faster chat and new mobile features

YouTube Live updates add faster chat and new mobile features

YouTube is today announcing new updates to its livestreaming features that will make it easier to stream from mobile and interact with viewers. The new updates include low-latency options, as well new moderation abilities.

The low-latency option allows users to receive and respond to their chat messages within a second or two, as opposed to the several seconds it would ordinarily take. This will allow streamers to have more responsive community interactions, including Q&As and viewer input

Gamers will now be able to stream the screen of their mobile device with the help of the YouTube app and Apple’s ReplayKit. Functionally, this will mean mobile users can stream games or apps that support ReplayKit. Users will be able to use their phone’s or tablet’s camera and microphone to add their own face and commentary to what they’re streaming.

Streamers will also see updates to the chat moderation features. Now streamers and their moderators will be able to hold suspect messages for approval, keeping live chats clean. The system will also log which messages the streamer approves and will apparently get better at judging what they consider to be acceptable.

These updates should make streaming from YouTube Live more community-oriented, especially if it means faster, cleaner chats.

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