Reddit’s rolling out native video — anticipate more ads

Reddit’s rolling out native video — anticipate more ads

Reddit today announced it was rolling out a native video player, meaning Reddit users can upload their footage directly to the site as opposed to an outside service.

Redditors will be able to upload videos up to 15 minutes in length, and 1 GB or less in size. You can upload from both desktop and mobile apps. When you start playing a video, it will remain pinned to a corner of your screen while you scroll, and will keep playing.

Reddit will also be rolling out a GIF-making tool that can be used in conjunction with video.

My first thought would be that this is geared towards sponsors and advertisers. Reddit already has native video advertisements, but I don’t see why it couldn’t also co-opt user vids with mid-roll or pre-roll ads. I’m just cynical like that.

The videos might not be available to everyone. For starters, according to Variety, moderators will have the option to not allow videos in their subreddit. Also, I’ll be curious to see how Reddit will avoid having NSFW video spam on some of its more family-friendly channels. It might create a lot more work for moderators — no wonder they’re being allowed to opt out.

This is an extended beta rollout, meaning more communities will be allowed to try it. Reddit’s announcement includes a helpful guide if you care to try it yourself.

Video Is Coming to Reddit! on Reddit

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