Go back to school like a boss with these apps on Android

Go back to school like a boss with these apps on Android

Fall is just around the corner. Hopefully you’ve already done your back to school shopping. Now it’s time to get your phone ready for the school year. We recommend the following apps to get you started:

Takes notes together with Google Keep

You can try Evernote, we also like Milanote, but don’t underestimate Google Keep. If everyone installs the note-taking app: you’ve got a study group. Participants can take and modify notes together, in real-time, making it easy to deal with fast-talking speakers.

Schedule your studies My Study Life

This app is excellent for compartmentalizing your needs as a student away from your other planners. It features a bright functional interface, and since it’s tailored to meet your studying needs, you’ll be able to adapt all of your assignments for tracking.

Do Math with HiPER Scientific Calculator

There are a digital ton of calculators to choose from, we suggest HiPER because it’s one of the only scientific calculator options that are free and features a clean easy-to-use interface.

Learn a language with DuoLingo

Supplement your 101 courses with DuoLingo. It features support for dozens of languages in one of the more appealing applications available.

Stay off your phone with Forest

This one helps fight phone addiction by encouraging you to grow a virtual forest. When you need to be distraction-free plant a seed, the longer you keep the Forest app up on your screen without checking any other apps (Facebook and Reddit, we’re looking at you) the bigger your tree will grow.

Gain experience points and level up with Epic Win

There’s a bunch of apps that aim to turn your everyday mundane accomplishments into meaningless points, and yes they are basically just to-do lists. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun coming up with ways to reward yourself for your epic accomplishments. Like pie, or cake, or binge-watching Community.

Let us know what apps you’re installing to prepare for the school year in the comments.

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