Instagram introduces a fun new way to reply to Stories

Instagram introduces a fun new way to reply to Stories

Instagram is offering more video messaging options to 200+ million Story users — specifically, friends can now respond to your Story with photos, videos, and Boomerangs of their own, bypassing text entirely.

Credit: Instagram

Video replies work the same way as normal Story posts — text, stickers, and other bells and whistles go over the image. The reply will also have a sticker showing the original Story image, so you know which part of your Story they’re replying to.

The replies to your Story will be sent to your Direct Inbox, as usual. The photos and videos will behave the same way as all disappearing messages do on IG — namely, you can see if someone replays them, or takes a screenshot.

This means its entirely possible to reply to someone’s Story and carry on a conversation solely with videos and photos. It’s one of those updates that sounds so natural it’s hard to believe it wasn’t already part of the app.

The update rolls out to all app users today.

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