This website turns Wikipedia into a beautiful pixel art text adventure


If you love spending hours skipping from one Wikipedia entry to another, this game might be the perfect time-waster for you.

Built by London-based developer and game designer Kevan Davis, the Wikipedia Text Adventure is an interactive game that turns any location within the popular online encyclopedia into a gorgeously designed pixel art experience.

The rules of the game are fairly simple: Select the destination where you want to start your journey from and the website will tell you where else you can go from your current location. The adventure will then direct you to some interesting nearby places in various directions.

For example, embarking on your adventure from Amsterdam lets you choose between going north to Zuyderzee bay, east to the historic Blauwbrug bridge or southwest to the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. The destination you choose will then open up new directions and so on.

To go where you want, simply type the corresponding direction or click the destination of your choice. If at some point you get bored, you can also use the ‘go to’ command to jump straight to more distant locations – but that is much less fun.

While the game has been designed to take you only to Wikipedia entries responding to actual places, you can type ‘examine’ (or ‘ex) to learn more specifics about non-location entries you come across on your adventure. Type ‘help’ to get the full list of hidden features and commands.

Check out the Wikipedia Text Adventure by clicking here. And in case you happen to like it, don’t forget to check out this interactive 3D map that literally transforms Wikipedia into a universe of knowledge.

[H/T Holly Gramazio]

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