Pokemon-loving developers are going to want this Poke-themed terminal

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Do you love coding as much as you love catching ’em all? Then this Pokemon-themed terminal might just be the perfect app to combine your passion for both.

Developed by computer science student Lazo K., Pokemon Terminal is a beautifully designed extension for the popular terminal emulator iTerm2 that essentially replaces your boring monotone background with a Pokemon-themed image of your choice.

The app currently boasts a collection of more than 490 wonderfully-illustrated background images to choose from – though you could easily add your own custom images if needed.

Here are some examples:





In addition to iTerm2, your system needs to be equipped with Python 3.5 or higher to run Pokemon Terminal.

As Lazo K. warns, some background images tend to make it difficult to see the displayed text. However, you can resolve this issue by making the font colors black and the terminal windows transparent.

You can make any necessary adjustments from preferences, as shown in the screenshots below:

To download this fun extension, head to this repository on GitHub.

Pokemon Terminal on GitHub

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