Google can now whip up a Mother’s Day video from your photo library

Google can now whip up a Mother’s Day video from your photo library
Credit: Google Photos

I’m pretty sure you ungrateful wretches have forgotten that Mother’s Day is right around the corner. As a fellow ungrateful wretch, I’m in the same boat as you, trying to figure out what to get mum and let her know that she’s the best.

While it can’t help you shop for a thoughtful gift, Google can now put together a short video featuring your mother and her kids by scanning your photo library. It’s not much more than a simple slideshow with music, but it makes light work of surfacing old pictures that can bring back fond memories.

Of course, you’ll need to have your pictures uploaded to Google Photos for this to work. Then, head to this page, identify your mother, as well as your siblings and yourself from your library with just a couple of clicks, and let the app do its thing.

My mum in a Mother's Day clip that Google Photos generated
My mum in a Mother’s Day clip that Google Photos generated

In a few minutes, Photos will present you with a video slideshow on the Assistant screen, that you can save to your desktop or mobile device, or share with a link via social networks. Here’s one from Google Photos product manager Tim Novikoff, featuring his wife:

Is that handy or what? Just don’t forget to get a gift to go with it. You have until the 14th, so make it good.

A Mother’s Day movie, made for you on The Keyword

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