Slack makes it easier for teams to hook up freelancers with guest accounts


Slack wants to streamline the process for granting temps and freelancers access to your team’s communication.

The company is introducing two new updates to help administrators easily manage and keep track of guest accounts.

While admins already have the authority to selectively give guest accounts access to certain channels, Slack is now adding the functionality to set specific time limits for how long each guest account should remain active. This means you’ll no longer have to manually monitor guest accounts manually.

To make it even more convenient for you and guests, Slack will be sending out deactivation notifications to both the admin and the guest two days in advance. Admins can then opt to either cut off or extend access for the guest account in question.

Additionally, Slack is updating guest profiles so you can effortlessly spot until when freelancers and temps will remain active.

The chat platform is also adding an extra banner over guest profiles to indicate whether the individual is a single- or multi-channel guest.

Given that more than two-thirds of all paid Slack teams use guest accounts, according to the company’s own research, the new features should make managing freelancers and third-party vendors a little less of a hassle.

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