Spotify adds lyrics explanations on Android

Spotify adds lyrics explanations on Android

Last year, Spotify teamed up with Genius to integrate lyric annotations onto its music player, but the feature has been an iOS-only staple for over a year. Starting today, Android users are finally getting the same benefit.

Rather than letting you tap on specific lyrics and view explanations as you would on, Spotify has built a couple of playlists that display information on some popular tracks as you listen. For some songs, it also includes background details provided directly by the artist.

This video from the feature’s introduction last year should give you a rough idea of how it all works:

The playlist structure makes finding information on a specific song a bit harder than it should be – especially if it’s not a current hit – but I guess you can always just go to Genius’ website if that’s what you need.

Behind the Lyrics is rolling our to Android users starting today. If you want to give it a go, check out Behind the Lyrics’ Playlists for Hip Hop and Today’s Top Hits.

Behind the Lyrics with Spotify and Genius, now on Android on Spotify

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