This interactive periodic table makes chemistry easier than ever

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Chemistry has broken the spirits of many struggling high-schoolers and university students alike, but there might be a handy tool that can finally guide you through the various elements and help you swiftly get the hang of the much-dreaded periodic table.

Available for free, PeriodicStats is an elegantly designed web-based interactive periodic table that takes the hassle out of chemistry by putting together the basic properties of all elements in a clean and well-structured manner.

For more detailed information about the properties of individual elements, you can click on the element of your interest and PeriodicStats will readily pull up crucial information like year of discovery, density and type of substance.

The interactive table also offers data about the precise electron and ionisation properties of each element as well as numerous bits and pieces about their history.

In addition to the extensive catalogue of elements, PeriodicStats also features a nifty search engine that lets you filter out certain elements based on various criteria like bonding, magnetism, melting and boiling point, density and so on.

Now go step up your chemistry game and browse through PeriodicStats here.

In case you’re seeking for more practical-oriented knowledge of the periodic table, you might want to check out this alternative interactive periodic table that aims to clue people in as to what the various elements can be used for in the real world.

Periodic Stats Interactive Periodic table

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