Linux Launcher turns your Android phone into command line interface

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In case you’ve been dying to use Linux-like command line on your Android device – or you simply want people to stop playing with your phone – this app might be precisely what you’ve been looking for.

Available for free, Linux CLI Launcher is an unusual app launcher that turns your regular Android phone into a full-fledged command line interface.

The quirky app essentially replaces the standard icon-based interface with command lines, which means that – much like in the Linux terminal – you will actually have to type out full commands to start apps and maneuver through your device.

Besides full support for native Android and Linux commands, the app also features a handy ‘aliases’ functionality that lets you create your own shortcuts to effortlessly open apps. It additionally comes with built-in ‘suggestions’ to help you compose commands in the proper format.

Here are some of the commands that work with the launcher:

  • uninstall [app]
  • sms [contact] [text]
  • call [contact]
  • calc [expression]
  • search [google, playstore, youtube, files]
  • wifi
  • flash
  • share [file]
  • mv / cp [file] [dest]

While the Linux-inspired launcher might initially seem like an overkill, numerous Redditors report using the CLI Launcher over the standard icon-based interface could be quite intuitive – and even faster at times:

Get the CLI Launcher from Google Play Store and start confusing your less technically-versed friends right now.

Linux CLI Launcher on Google Play Store

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