Instagram’s new ‘collections’ make it a lot easier to organize your favorite images

Instagram’s new ‘collections’ make it a lot easier to organize your favorite images ...

Back in December, Instagram added a feature to allow you to save your posts into your own private stockpile. Starting this week, you’ll be able to save these photos into your own private collection.

Basically, they’re just folders for your saved images. After all, once you’ve saved a several dozen photos of cute puppies or hipster pastries, it might get a little tedious to sort through them all.

To create a collection simply open your saved images, tap the ‘+’ icon, and select the images you’d like to add.

The collections are currently only available for private consumption, which is a bit of a shame. Collections could be a way for people to share great images they’ve curated while providing proper attribution to their source – think of it like creating a playlist for images.

Hopefully that’s something Instagram is working on for the future. In the meantime, collections should at least help you be a little more organized. The feature is rolling out to Android and iOS this week.

Introducing New Ways to Organize Your Saved Posts on Instagram

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