Instagram’s new stickers let you put selfies in your selfies

Instagram’s new stickers let you put selfies in your selfies

Instagram is adding some new features today, and in a nice change of pace, they don’t come from Snapchat.

First up, you can now capture something called a ‘selfie sticker.’ It’s pretty much what it sounds like: tap the new sticker with the camera icon to capture a mini selfie which you can place anywhere in a story or direct message. You can resize them and have the option to use either an outlined or faded circular border.

So yeah, you can basically put selfies in your selfies now.

But there are a few other useful features in today’s update as well:

  • Swipe right on the sticker menu to see recently used stickers
  • Tap and hold the record button while using the hands-free mode to see a count-down to when the recording begins
  • Geostickers are now available in Chicago, London, Madrid and Tokyyo. You can also see the username of the local artists who designed the stickers to learn more about there artwork

Instagram also notes that over 200 million people are using Stories now (up from 150 million in January). That’s about a third of Instagram’s users, but as Engadget points out, Snapchat only has about 158 million users total (according to its February IPO). Clearly Instagram is doing something right.

The new features are rolling out to Instagram on Android and iOS today.

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