Uber just fixed the most annoying thing about its app

Uber just fixed the most annoying thing about its app

Uber has been around for eight years. And for eight years, users have had the same complaint – it’s impossible to change your pickup location once your ride has been confirmed. Sure, you could just cancel the ride and rebook again. But then you risk getting stung with a ride cancellation fee, or worse – finding there’s surge pricing.

Thankfully, Uber just introduced this long-awaited feature. If you’ve had a change-of-heart about pickup location, you just have to tap ‘edit’ next to your pickup location and enter the new address.

This updated route will make its way to the driver, and works whether they’re using the partner app’s built-in navigation, or a third-party product like Google Maps.

Uber says it trialled this feature in several cities, and discovered it lead to fewer canceled rides – something passengers and drivers can both appreciate.

Here’s the bad news though: It’s only available on iOS, for users based in the US, Canada, and the UK. The tens of millions using the service on Android, or outside of these three markets are, unfortunately, shit out of luck. At least for the time being, anyway.

Honestly, this is great news. There have been heaps of times when I’ve been in an unfamiliar city, only to request a ride from the wrong place.

Worse, Uber has increasingly been trying to railroad users into using their ‘suggested pickup points.’ I’m not a fan of these. If I’m in a new or unfamiliar city, or if I’m trying to get home after a mammoth drinking session, I’m not going to be in the mood to play Marco Polo.

If I ever drunkenly agree to use a suggested pickup point, it’s nice to know that I’ll be able to change it to where I’m actually stood.

Anyway, bravo Uber. We’re all so very proud of you. Now, can you do something about drivers who cancel rides when they realize surge pricing is on?

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