Kim Kardashian’s new bot wants to solve puzzles with you

Kim Kardashian’s new bot wants to solve puzzles with you
Credit: Kim Kardashian

If you’ve ever wanted to converse with Kim Kardashian directly — keep dreaming. But this bot will try its hardest to sound like her!

Kim tweeted a link to a Facebook Messenger bot which looked like her, and naturally I had to see what this was all about.

The Kimbot can only converse with you if you stick to pre-written responses. I tried actually talking with Kimbot, and I think I broke her a little bit.

She told me about a surprise party her mother was planning, and asked for my help deciphering the clues that would reveal the party’s location. I’m never one to turn down some Nancy Drew-style puzzle solving, so I agreed to help.

We managed to figure out where the party was being held, and the password to get in. I was actually having fun!

That’s when Kimbot hit me with her true reason for speaking with a mortal like me: She offered to “meet” me at the party … within her mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

I thought we were friends, Kimbot! Now you’re not even answering my messages.

I still haven’t recovered.

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