Prisma’s new filter creator lets you copy any art style with AI

Prisma’s new filter creator lets you copy any art style with AI

Prisma, that app that turns your photos into paintings using AI, is about to get a ton of new filters.

First off, the app is launching an in-app “store” to download new filters. We say that in quotes, because so far, all the filters are free. Prisma says it will be adding new styles every week, and is looking to ramp up to daily additions. You’ll also be able to rate and share styles in the “near future.”

What’s more, you can now delete the filters you don’t like from the app. Given Prisma comes with 44 filters and you likely only use a handful, it’s a welcome addition (and maybe something to consider, Instagram).


But the bigger news is that Prisma will let users create their own filters now. The company is launching a desktop tool – only accessible to some of Prisma’s most active users – that allow to create your own style. You find an artsy painting or photo that you like, upload it, and set some parameters using a series of sliders. The tool doesn’t yet specify what each individual slider controls, but Prisma is adding descriptions in the final version.

Then you wait as the image is analyzed. The whole process takes about an hour and a half, but you can preview what the filter will look like as the AI is processing the image. It’s pretty cool to see the filters grow more accurate over the analysis period, too.


Prisma says it plans on bringing the filter creator to mobile and more users soon. In the mean time, it’s a lot of fun to mess around with. The tool is available here, but again, only the most prolific users can access it right now.

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