Instagram now lets you share 10 photos and videos in one post

Following up on its test a couple of weeks ago, Instagram is making a major change to its platform: you can now share multiple images in a single post.

The feature has long been available to advertisers, but this is the first time it’s becoming generally available to the public. To access the feature, simply press the new icon on the bottom right of your images you can select up to 10 of them. You can also tap and hold on images to change the order in which they appear.

Your friends will then be able to swipe through the carousels from side to side. Keep in mind that Instagram is limiting the photos to a single caption and square aspect ratios “for now.” On your feed, carousels will be marked by a series of dots under a photo, indicating you can swipe through them.

It’s a welcome change. There are plenty of times I want to share multiple images from an event or photography session but I don’t want to be a jerk and clutter up my friends’ feeds with multiple images. It’s implemented subtly enough to avoid visual clutter, and 10 is a reasonable limit.

Of course, you could use software like Instagram’s own Layout app to create a collage, but that relegates your pictures to tiny little squares. I take pride in my photos, and the carousels will let me share several images together in their full glory.

Share Up to 10 Photos and Videos in One Post on Instagram

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