This video app promises to keep your homemade sex tapes private

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Few things can heat up your love-making sessions as much as getting into homemade videos. However, while some have made careers out of it, having your sex tapes leaked to the internet is simply plain embarrassing and nerve-racking. But fret no more: There’s an app that will keep your raunchy homemade clips safe.

Available for iOS, Rumuki is a free video-encryption software that promises to protect your privacy by becoming the “prenup” for your sex tapes and home clips. The app essentially lets you and your partner pair up your devices to record a video that can later be played only when both parties have agreed on it.

Once recorded, every video is encrypted using two keys stored at separate phones – one key for you and one for your partner in crime. Every time someone wants to play the video, Rumuki prompts the other party to “grant a playback” by entering the secret key. Each permission is valid for only one playback.

While the recording app notes it has no way of preventing your partner from abusing your trust, it does offer the option to immediately delete the video if things go astray. Since each party holds one key, videos are as good as gone once deleted from either device.

To make things even safer, all content you record with the video-encryption tool is stored exclusively on your devices. Recordings are never transmitted to third-party servers and Rumuki never keeps copies of your footage to avoid malicious interceptions.

In an effort to earn the trust of its users, the makers of Rumuki have open-sourced a significant chunk of the modules used to build the app, with plans to make even more components of the code available for everyone to peruse. They’ve also released a detailed overview of the app’s security safeguards.

Head to this page for more details about how Rumuki handles and protects your data and videos.

Now spice up your sex life and get Rumuki here.

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