Always dreamt of dating a horse prince? There’s an app for that

my horse prince

Some ideas out of Japan work well overseas, like Neko Atsume, the smartphone game that has players put food and toys in their garden to attract cute cats. It’s a simple enough idea that resonated well with an international audience.

So, on a related note, what do you think about horse dating?

It was there she saw him, that handsome… horse. That’s probably the most normal line you’re going to see in this game.

My Horse Prince has a bizarre concept — you’re a girl from the city who’s looking for the love of her life, but is disappointed by the men at her office. Like every sane person, she hits up the horse ranch.

Turns out it’s her lucky day — she meets horse-human hybrid Yuuna and can’t resist his beautiful face. Or at least, she gives him (it?) a chance.

Credit: Kotaku

Starting from this messed-up situation, you’re in control.

The game consists of multiple episodes that involve you tapping around to feed Yuuna carrots, talk to him about various intellectual topics like, again, carrots and places you in an endless array of absurd situations, many of which involve, you guessed it, carrots.

Later on, Yuuna needs to work out on a treadmill, learns how to surf and even lands a part-time job. For as long as I’ve been playing (which is longer than I’d like to admit), the pool of ridiculous jokes seems to be endless.


It’s a free app, so go ahead and dive into the weird adventure yourself — the only thing it could cost you is your sanity.

 My Horse Prince (iOS)
➤ My Horse Prince (Android)

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