3 ideas for Real Madrid’s upcoming mobile game

3 ideas for Real Madrid’s upcoming mobile game
Credit: Trofeo Santiago Bernabeu 2015 (l30_)

Earlier today I got an email from a PR representative for the Copenhagen-based studio Hugo Games. He emailed to let me know Hugo Games had teamed up with Spanish soccer club Real Madrid for their next smartphone game, due to come out in 2017. Unusually for a PR email, it was pretty short on details.

The PR representative wouldn’t disclose anything about the nature of the game, or share any visuals; he didn’t even tell me what the game would be called! Although he did carelessly let slip that the game will involve soccer in some capacity.

This drought of information lead me to speculate what could be lurking in the hard drives of Hugo Games. What will a Real Madrid mobile game look like? Well, I’ve got a couple of ideas.

The Gareth Bale-Out: You’re Gareth Bale, one of the most overpaid soccer players of all time. Unfortunately, the club has hit some hard times and they’re unable to pay your exorbitant $750,000 per week salary. To save the day, you’ve got to climb into your LearJet and convince the Spanish government to give Los Blancos a generous tax break.

Diving With Marcelo: When it comes to diving, Brazilian-born left back Marcelo is king. Few can feign injury quite like he can. To beat Diving With Marcelo, you’ve got to get the opposing team’s striker sent off by doing your most convincing impression of a wounded foal.

Grand Theft Rodriguez: Midfielder James Rodriguez is running late to a team practice. Your job is to get there as soon as possible in your Audi R8 while obeying exactly none of the rules of the road. Watch your speedometer soar past 125mph as blue lights flash in your rear-view mirror and police order you to pull over through a megaphone. But don’t worry about getting into trouble, because you’re Midfielder James Rodriguez.

All seem pretty plausible. We’ve reached out to Hugo Games to see if any of these are the upcoming Real Madrid game. If we hear back from them, we’ll update this post.

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