SwiftKey makes all themes free for the holidays

SwiftKey makes all themes free for the holidays

If you’re like me, you take any opportunity to spruce up your phone’s UI a bit, including keyboard themes. Now SwiftKey, one of the best keyboards on both iOS and Android, is making all of its themes free.

I mean, it wasn’t exactly much to pay a dollar for the old themes, but the update makes it easy to try out multiple designs without the cash adding up quickly.

On Android, trying out the themes means clicking on the ‘hamburger’ button on the top left of the keyboard, tapping ‘Themes,’ and then entering the SwiftKey Store. On iOS, just open the SwiftKey app from your homescreen and click on the Design icon.

There are over 100 themes, including an all-new ‘Vivid’ section, so go ahead and dress your phone up if you’d like.

All themes on Android and iOS are now free! on SwiftKey

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