Squarespace businesses can now accept PayPal

Squarespace businesses can now accept PayPal

Squarespace is giving businesses a new way to accept payments today: PayPal.

It’s a small but welcome update for small businesses on the platform. PayPal is often preferred by international users because it removes some of the verification hassles with standard payments methods, plus it’s just easier to use an email and password than taking out your credit card.

It also adds a bit of flexibility with PayPal Credit for installment payments and PayPal One Touch for quick, password-less transactions.

PayPal support is launching today (as a beta) for online stores on any of Squarespace’s plans. Simply go to your settings, and click ‘Connect PayPal’ to get going. You’ll need to have PayPal business account to set it up though (it’s a free upgrade from a personal one).

For more on the process, check out the Squarespace guide here.

Beta Launch: PayPal for Squarespace Online Stores on Squarespace

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