Pandora just completely redesigned its website

Pandora just completely redesigned its website

Pandora has been making some big moves lately as it prepares to enter the on-demand streaming business and take on the likes of Spotify. After unveiling a new logo, now the company has gone and completely redesigned its website – its first major redesign in five years.

Like the new logo, the new site has a flatter, more modern design. The Now Playing view has a fixed player bar at the bottom, while album art is front and center, and you can scroll down for more information such as lyrics, tour dates, bios and more. You also now have a larger ‘My Stations’ view showing off the virtual radio channels with large artwork.


Meanwhile, Pandora Plus listeners can now hit the replay button to start to restart a song or go back through their listening session to another song. Alternatively, press skip to go to your next favorite song.

Free users are also getting a few new tidbits – if you run out of skips or want to replay a track, you just need to watch a video ad as a form of virtual payment. Finally, Pandora is making it easier to access tour dates with one click access from the Now Playing screen and artist pages.


While the changes won’t be enough on their own to help Pandora take on Spotify and Apple Music, they’re a step in the right direction. Here’s to hoping that on-demand service rolls out sooner rather than later.

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