LastPass’ cross-platform password manager is now completely free

LastPass’ cross-platform password manager is now completely free
Credit: LastPass

Last August, LastPass announced that it would allow users to manage their passwords for free on any one type of device (like desktops, or smartphones). It’s now simplified its pricing structure so it’s even easier to securely log in across all your gadgets.

The password management service is now completely free to use across desktops and mobile devices for individual users; all you need to do is install the necessary apps and you’re good to go. The only drawback is that you’ll see ads in LastPass’ interface.

Premium subscribers who pay $1 per month won’t see ads, and will continue to get access to additional features like sharing passwords with up to five family members, two-factor authentication with Yubikey and 1GB of file storage.

That makes LastPass worth considering, given that rival services like Dashlane and 1Password charge annual fees of $40 and $36 respectively for cross-platform password syncing.

If you haven’t yet begun using a password manager (you should, and also enable two-factor authentication across your favorite sites while you’re at it), LastPass’ free option might be a good way to start. It’s worth noting that the service faced a breach last year, but the company said that no data was stolen. It’s since beefed up its security measures, so you should be relatively safe using it.

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