Uber redesigns rider app with improved navigation and on-trip feed

Uber redesigns rider app with improved navigation and on-trip feed

If you use Uber as much as I do, you’re going to want to upgrade your app. The ridesharing company has rebuilt it from scratch, and now it comes with visual enhancements and features that promise to make it easier to get from A to B.

Now, when you select your destination, Uber will provide you with fare estimates from all of its ridesharing products, from UberX, to UberPool and UberLux.

The latest update also includes something called the “on trip feed.” This makes it easier to view information about your driver, share your trip and ETA with your contacts, and split a fare with another rider.

Uber promises that future versions of the app will include a richer variety of information, like restaurant reviews, local area guides, and even SnapChat filters.

Navigation also gets a major overhaul. Now, in addition to selecting places as your destination, you can select people. This is handy if you’re in a new city, and you don’t really know where you are.

Uber now also works out your routine, so if you regularly take the same trip, it’ll show up in your suggestions (which Uber calls ‘shortcuts’).

According to Uber, soon users will have the option to integrate their calendar with the rider app. This means that upcoming meetings and events will show up as shortcuts.

The company says that it redesigned the app with the belief that “time is a luxury”. This overhaul promises to make using it even more efficient, which will be music to most people’s ears. It will start rolling out to Android and iOS users from today.

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