You can finally control your Sonos with the Spotify app


Today is a good day — it’s finally possible to ditch Sonos’ horrible app and play all your music through Spotify.

After having teased the highly anticipated feature for a long time, the company today released a public beta that includes the option to control all music through the Spotify app.

By linking your Spotify and Sonos accounts, the individual speakers will show up as Spotify Connect speakers in the app’s interface, while also making it possible to play music on them while you’re not connect to your local Wi-Fi.

Even though its speakers look and sound great, the horrible apps have always been a huge drawback for me. Performing an action as simple as playing a song could take seconds to register. Spotify’s apps are miles ahead both in terms of speed and design, and being able to use them makes for a way better experience.  Unfortunately you’ll still have to revert to the official Sonos app when you want to play tracks from other services, but it’s a step in the right direction.

To get the feature before it rolls out to the general public, you need to get your devices on the 7.0 Public Beta by going into your Sonos desktop or mobile app settings and enrolling in the beta program.

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