Prisma can now turn your videos into trippy paintings

Prisma, that filter app that makes your photos look like paintings, is now pushing its effects to the next level with video support.

The feature, which is iOS-only for now, allows you to apply the filters to 15 second videos. It doesn’t provide the full breadth of 30 options available for stills, but the nine styles available should be enough to play around with.

Impressively, the processing all happens locally. Prisma originally required you to upload images to its servers, but brought the processing offline in August. Video is a lot more intensive than stills, but Prisma says it’s still able to apply its styles frame-by-frame in a reasonable amount of time.

The feature is still in beta, and Prisma says it’s looking at GIF support and improving the quality of video filters in the ‘near future.’ As for Android, the company will bring offline processing in “a week or so” with video support to follow after that. In fact, you might already have it – Prisma is testing offline processing with 5 percent of its Android users starting today.

The company rose to quick prominence with 60 million users within 3 weeks with “zero marketing or PR costs” The app is free, but the company has been working on monetization with branded styles, and by licensing out technology for use in videos with higher production values, like for this Coke ad:

I’m not sure I’m as big of a fan of the video effect as I am with stills, as the transitions from frame to frame often look a little jittery. But it’s still cool, and given it’s still a beta, I’ll reserve judgement until Prisma releases the aforementioned improvements. In the meantime, you can download the update on iOS today.

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