Play Android games on your PC with Remix OS Player

Play Android games on your PC with Remix OS Player

Love mobile games, but wish you had more room to work with? Jide, the makers of Remix OS, an Android-based operating system that runs on any x86 PC, are offering a free emulator that puts a complete Android system on your Windows PC. Download it now.

Called “Remix OS Player,” this free app uses Android Studio to run a complete virtual machine of Jide’s Remix OS within Windows. In that system you’ll find Google Play, which gives you access to all the Android games and apps you know and love.

The virtual system is based on Android Marshmallow, which isn’t the latest version of Android but more recent than what’s shipping on some phones. And Remix OS is highly customized, adding window-based multitasking to the mobile operating system. This lets you open two games at once, if you want.

Jide recommends users have at least a Core i3 processor and 4GB of memory to run this, though more power is going to give you a way better experience. Still, the only real way to see how it works is to fire this up, so go ahead and give it a spin. Let us know which games work for you, okay?

Just don’t try Pokémon Go. Your laptop doesn’t have a GPS chip, and even if it did walking around with your laptop isn’t nearly as cool as you’re imagining.

Remix OS is now available as a simple-to-use Android emulator for Windows on Circuit Breaker

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