Slack’s new desktop beta app is lightning fast and available now


If you’re like anyone at TNW, you’re probably using Slack every day, all day long.

I don’t mind; it’s a well designed app. But their newly released beta is bringing it to another level.

Their current macOS app is built using MacGap, which is a wrapper for web apps — so technically, it was just a port of the web version of the Slack website in a desktop window. However, the beta is rebuilt from the ground up using Electron, speeding things up significantly.

It mostly still looks like the same old Slack, you’ll immediately notice these key improvements:

  • Insanely fast start-up and team switching
  • The team bar now changes according to your color scheme
  • A fancy new top without that ugly desktop frame
  • The app in general is way more speedy

If you’re excited to try it, hop over to their beta website to download the release.

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