Ramme is the Instagram desktop app you’ve been waiting for


With Instagram making its app available on desktop a couple of years ago, it became possible to keep up to date on your friend’s pictures outside of your phone too.

Ramme is a cross-platform Instagram client that works on Linux, Mac and Windows; it perfectly mimics the design of the smartphone app, but packages it in a nice Electron Web wrapper. This way it’s responsive and can easily be updated to accommodate future changes to the web interface.

Plus, the source code has been published on GitHub so other people can improve on it.

In my opinion, it blows all of the other Instagram apps out of the water mainly because of its simplicity and responsiveness. It does a great job of copying the app experience to the desktop without adding fluff — something a lot of other third-party Instagram apps are guilty of. By staying very close to the original experience, it’s the best option for people that don’t need added options or want to learn how to use a new UI.

It’s important to note that in the past, a lot of unofficial apps have been taken down by Instagram when they tried to add an option to upload pictures. However, Danish developer Terkel has said he’s not planning to implement it yet.

Ramme on GitHub

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