This gorgeous mod breathes new life into GTA V

GTA V is getting on in age: the massive open-world crime game is closing in on three years since its release, and some folks might find it looking a tad bit plain at this point.

That’s certainly not a knock on developer Rockstar Games, it’s just how titles age. If you’re still hankering for some good ol’ thieving and looting but want a fresh-looking game, this brand-new set of mods might be just what you need.

Josh Romito’s GTA 5 Redux revamps the entire look of the game with tons of new aesthetic features, police and pedestrian behavior, vehicle handling, effects and graphical improvements.

The mod brings an overhauled weather system with global illumination, improved landscapes and more naturally blending day/night cycles, as well as new particle effects.

In addition, cars, roads, billboards and characters all look better, thanks to new textures and a ton of Reshade options for tweaking settings like color correction, bloom and tone mapping. Los Santos never looked so good.

The mod will be available on September 16; mark your calendar for an all-new GTA experience.

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