Microsoft will let devs report Edge bugs right from Twitter

Microsoft will let devs report Edge bugs right from Twitter

Microsoft is making it dead simple to report a bug to the Edge team: just tweet it.

The idea comes from developer Lea Verou, who suggested it to Microsoft back in June:

And now her wish has become reality. There are a few guidelines to follow:

  • You must use the hashtag #EdgeBug for Microsoft’s tool to catch your tweet
  • Include a link to a reduced test case of the bug on,,, or
  • Add a title for the bug with your remaining text

Once you’ve successfully submitted a bug, you’ll get a reply from @MSEdgeDev, with a link to your bug report on Edge’s issue tracker.


There are some checks in place to make sure users aren’t spamming the system too, so no tweeting #EdgeBug just to complain about how much you miss Internet Explorer or something.

It’s a neat idea – developers can submit bugs that pop up as they browse without ever having to leave Twitter or go through the slower, traditional reporting methods. It would be neat to see other products catch on.

Using Edge’s built-in ‘Send Feedback’ will be faster if you’re not a developer – you don’t have to worry about including a link to a reduced test case. But for those who know their code, it makes it a little easier to complain directly to Microsoft while following the latest great tweetstorm.

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