This ridiculous battle simulator is the only game I want to play right now

I’m not much of a gamer, but every once in a while a game catches my eye and I won’t rest until I’ve played it.

Right now my sights are set on Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. There’s not a lot to explain — it’s all in the name, really.

After setting up an army of red and blue ragdolls, you charge into battle with a variety of weapons. Whichever team is left standing wins, but before that happens, there’s a lot of sword swinging and limbs flying around.

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It’s unclear if tactics actually matter here, but most of it seems to boil down to where you place the characters on the map and which weapons you give them.

The game has been greenlit on the Steam Community, which means Valve is reaching out for a release on their platform. When this happens, it’ll be available on PC, Mac and Linux — and I’ll be sure to let you know.

Thanks to Cecil for putting this on my radar.

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