Japan’s favorite candy launches campaign to get kids coding


One of the first things you notice in any Japanese supermarket, is the insane variety of candy available.

The selection changes weekly, determined by the demand for various brands. However, there are a few classics you’ll always be able to find.

Of these classics, Pocky is the most well-known. Though they’ve been around since the ’60s, the company is still thriving – pushing out big-budget campaigns such as Sharehappi that sweep the nation.

With their newest campaign Glicode, it’s time to get kids coding.

When playing the app, kids have to place candy in a specific order to let the character progress in the game. Every kind of candy relates to an action, teaching the basics of programming in a fun and easy way.

The idea reminds me of Apple’s upcoming iPad app Swift Playgrounds — it also uses an isometric platform game where a character has to be moved around. However, there’s a big chance it won’t get translated into Japanese.


Whatever the case, Glicode has a big chance of being a smash hit. The brand is loved by the entire country and has a lot of media power.

Let’s be honest, though, nobody needs a reason to buy candy.

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