This website lets you plan an entire vacation around Pokemon Go

This website lets you plan an entire vacation around Pokemon Go

You can now plan your next vacation entirely around Pokemon Go. Yes, I’m serious.

Tripaya has added ‘Pokemon Go’ as a filter, and tells TNW it “finds the best places to get rare Pokemons, with flight and hotel included.”

Unfortunately, Tripaya doesn’t tell us what makes a destination Pokemon-friendly. It seems to limit results to major metropolitan areas in countries where Pokemon Go is playable, which makes sense.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 10.47.53 AM

I tried it out for myself (since I’ve got a few days off coming up soon), and it returned results as far away Melbourne, Australia.

The only downside is that Tripaya uses the Euro for pricing, and I didn’t see a way to filter it to Dollars or other currency. Still, if you’re serious about Pokemon Go — as in serious enough to plan a vacation around it — check Tripaya out.

Pokemon Go on Tripaya

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