This Pokemon Go iPhone screen cover may be stolen IP, but you’ll still want it

This Pokemon Go iPhone screen cover may be stolen IP, but you’ll still want it

Pokemon are hard to catch, but everyone wants to catch ‘em all while playing Pokemon Go. Now that the Etsy shop selling those uber-popular Pokemon Go cases is temporarily closed, Casetify has come out with something very similar.

The ‘Pokemon Aimer iPhone Cover’ is basically a thick screen protector that sits over your screen with cutouts to guide your Pokeball. It’s essentially just like the 3D-printed case, but not quite as intrusive.


It’s also not meant to be on your phone all the time. Casetify says its easily removable for those rare moments you’re not playing Pokemon Go.

Though these types of cases or covers still feel like cheating to us, we like that this one doesn’t quite look like bumper-lane bowling, so at least you’re not drawing attention to yourself. Just don’t buy one if you’re headed to the Olympics in Rio — there are no Pokemon there.

We don’t yet know when the case will be available for purchase (it’s not on the Casetify site), but the company has a Facebook giveaway going on right now if you’re really anxious.

Update: The giveaway is now closed.

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