Make a stranger’s day by letting this cat send a message for you


We all feel a little bit down sometimes.

Maybe it’s because you forgot to buy groceries, or because you pissed off the entire internet. In any case, it’s always nice when someone reaches out to you.

Thanks to Kruzo, that someone can now be a cute cat on your phone.


Simply send a message and wait until the recipient replies.

The messages I received were generally very friendly and kind, showing that it’s not impossible to create an anonymous community without trolls trying to insult anybody they can get their hands on.

After receiving the message, you get the option to like it, report it or send a new message. It’s extremely simple and the report system makes sure you won’t get hate mail when you were expecting a kind letter.


For some reason that I don’t quite understand, it’s also possible to get achievements when using the app. This unexpected gamification turns out to be pretty fun, even though it’s a bit random.

Everything about it feels like a slower, cuter version of Omegle – taking the best parts and adding a friendly interface, easy reporting and a feel-good mentality on top.

Why not try it out? The worst thing that could happen is that someone brightens your day.

Kruzo on App Store

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